Inconceivable! The Movie is as Good as the Book!


So, I am back!! Helllloooo! There will be a (Mc)flurry of reviews being posted coming at ya’ and I will try to time and space them apart, so you are not just inundated with me and my words, and whatnot, but yeah, more to come!

inconceivable gif

As you can see from the above picture, the book I read was The Princess Bride by William Goldman! Let me explain. You guys are all WELL aware (I’ve only said it like a million times),that I am doing the Book Riot #ReadHarder challenge and one of the challenges is to read a romance novel, and I am not that girl. Maybe, due to my age, all I have been brainwashed about romance novels is the Nora Roberts books at the supermarket checkout. You know, the ones with the toned, tanned, bare chested gentleman, standing behind a forlorn, scantily clad maiden, with some sort of mountainous scenery in the background. Again, I could be completely dated, but that’s all I know and I just have no interest in them. Let me know if there are some legit updated ones to read! ¬†Any who, I decided to pick my favorite romantic movie and work my way from there, and BAM! I decided to read The Princess Bride.

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