Self Inflicted Wounds, From Side Splitting Laughter

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Before I begin this review, I would like to say that I am 1,000% bias towards Aisha Tyler. I ADORE her! I have even stated on my home page that I feel like she is my Super Sayan or for those of you who didn’t watch” Dragon Ball Z”, she the Raichu to my Pickachu, an evolution of sorts.  (I mean, look at that picture, she seems so nice, just a cool chick on a rooftop, laughing, drinking a beer. Who wouldn’t want her as a friend?) I fell in love with her stand up years ago and the more popular she gets and the more interviews, podcast, books,etc that she does, the more I really feel like she gets me. I know this seems like the making of a stalker, but I don’t have the skill to hone a craft such as stalking. There is too much time and hacking invested in stalking that I don’t care for.

For those of you who are like, “Who the hell is Aisha Tyler?” Well, I’ll give you a brief biography. Aisha Tyler grew up in the bay area of California, she is a hilarious comedian with a few stand up specials. She has 2 books out (one of which I will review) and does lots of work on TV. She is the voice of Lana ARCHER: "Lana Kane" as voiced by Aisha TylerKane for spy the cartoon “Archer”, as well as being a co host of the talk show “The Talk” and she is the new host of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and was the host of “Talk Soup”. Along with her television jobs, she also hosts a girl on guy podcastweekly podcast named “Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler” where she talks to celebrities about assorted shenanigans. Most people may recognize her from her role as Charlie on the TV show “Friends”(which the WHOLE world is streaming right now) as she 2015-02-04 14.18.02was Joey, then Ross’ girlfriend. She fearless, brazen, inappropriate, hilarious, intense gamer, confessed nerd and an all around awesome badass chick, who based on her principle alone, I would like to emulate one day when I figure out how to get my sh*t together. Continue reading