Life on Pause



So, I just got the new Toni Morrison book for my birthday and now my whole life is on pause. Haha. I cannot do anything, until I read this book. I have no idea what it’s going to be about, but I’m super pumped! Why? Because: Toni Morrison. Lol. I know that I’ve said how Beloved was not my cup of tea, but her other books are amaze balls!  She’s Toni freaking Bluest Eye- Jazz- Song of Solomon Morrison and I’m all in! So in the meantime I am reading 2-3 other books that are now stopped mod chapter until this is done. She’s one of those authors that is automatically at the top of my book pile. She totally has cutsies in my TBR line. What was the last new release book or author that you put your life on pause for? Let me know!!

The Worst (a.k.a. Least Favorite) Books I’ve Never Read


PictureHello again! Before I start on the worst books that I’ve attempted to read, I just want to back track to my last post for a second. So, the picture to the left  is a pin that a co-worker sent me via Pinterest and I thought it was so me and so relevant based on my last post. The funny thing is that he does not read my blog  and thus had no idea of my non fictional emotions for fictional characters. He actually just sent it to me, because he thought I would like it and it seemed, to him, to fit my personality. He had no idea how right he was. So, thank you “JoAl*” (names have been altered as I did not get his permission to use his name in this blog and I cannot afford to pay him anything if, by chance, there’s some way he can sue me).

So, now to the business at hand. While I am fervently reading my many novels, I was talking to my friend “JiZi*” (See aforementioned disclaimer) and I was telling her about a question I got from another reader that asked “Are you only going to review books you love?” “JiZi” and I talked about books we hated or rather did not preferred not to read and we decided that I should do a post on books that I did not have a taste for.  Funny thing about books that I don’t like, I just don’t finish them. Seriously. I am an open-minded person and am willing to give any genre or book a try, but I don’t have to like them. Also, I read enough and know myself well enough to know when finishing a book is just not gonna happen for me. I have a couple of examples, (because I know you love examples). Haha. Continue reading