Conquering Literal and Literary Fear 😱📖


So, you may or may not know, that I am a scaredy cat. I do not read scary books, nor watch scary movies. But I finally did, and I am proud of myself. I not only read a scary book, but I read like the Mother of all scary books, at least it is in my head: The Shining by Stephen King. If you are a horror genre reader and don’t think this is scary, then be quiet. Lol. I was scared and worried and feared for the characters’ lives! I legit only read it in the day time, cuz I had weird dreams when I read it before bed.  Why would I do this to myself, you ask? A couple of reasons. First, this was one of the challenges I did not finish last year, and yes, I did read Horrorstör , but the overwhelming IKEA parody, pervaded my fears. Secondly, I have attempted twice to read this book, and never got through it, so this time it was personal!

 This (⬅️⬅️) Stephen King fellow, is pretty good. Lol. He definitely knows what he’s doing. Aside from scaring the pants off me, the storyline and characters were well developed and it was an overall very well written novel. I know that’s quite pretentious, cuz it’s Stephen Freaking King, but one of the reasons for saying this is  (beyond the own sheer terror) that horror films, usually lack a storyline and is just senseless killing and gore. If that’s your thing, you do you boo, but I wanna know the why’s and how’s of the characters and situations and most current horror films don’t give that to me.  I know this isn’t the movie, but since most movies are based on books, I , for shame, lumped them together. I know!! I’m sorry, but regardless of plot, my overactive imagination and lack of courage wouldn’t let me read them anyway. Haha. So, onto the book!! Oh, and ****SPOILERS ******* ( Is it really a spoiler if the book was written in 1980 and the movie was a Blockbuster hit?)
Anywho, I will tell you that, I am really creeped out by hotels now, especially seasonal ones. I know this novel takes place in a very specific situation in the Rockies, a few miles from Sidewinder, Colorado and a few hours from Boulder but nope! I’m good! And, yes, I did remember where it was just in case I’m traveling.Is it a real place? I don’t know and I don’t want to know. I’m sure someone has constructed a place near there for tourism and Halloween nights, but I will not partake in any of that. Haha. The summary of the novel, which I’m assuming y’all may not need, but for those of you like me, it’s about a family that moves into an old hotel called the Overlook. The dad, Jack, has had a few happenstances where his temper and alcoholism leave hi with a rocky marriage to, Wendy, and no job. They family move into the hotel as its caretaker for the winter, as it is a seasonal hotel, and winter brings blizzards that disable guests from attending. Also, they have a 6 year old son, Danny or Doc, who is the star and savior of the novel and has me hyperventilating for his safety the whole damn time. Danny is supernaturally special, but we don’t know how, until we meet the chef, Dick Hallorann, who labels it “shine”.

After everyone leaves the family alone, shit hits the fan, and you are creeped out until the end. Lol. The scene with the hedge animals make me avoid topiaries, and what the hell was in that concrete tunnel thingy the Danny was playing in? The creepy self starting elevator with the streamers from the masquerade party of death and the dead bathtub lady in Room 217, Nope! The creepy man in the dog costume, Hell No! Couldn’t emotionally handle any of it. I legit had a Joey from The tv show “Friends” moment, and had to put the book in the freezer a few times cuz I didn’t know if Mr. Hallorann was gonna make it, and then I thought Wendy was a goner for sure, and then when Jack  smashed his own head in with a mallet, to let the hotel have him, cuz they wouldn’t let him go, it was the most grotesque self sacrifice I had ever seen (read and imagined) in my life!

With all that said, I actually did enjoyed the novel, however, I will definitely NOT be watching the movie. Lol. I barely held it together while reading, I KNOW I’m not going to be able to handle he movie.

What do you guys think? Have you read this book or watches the movie? Did you like it? Am I overreacting? Haha. Let me know!