So, the book I read this time around was Americanah by  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I read this for the “Read A Book By An Author From Africa” portion of my Book Riot #ReadHarderChallenge, and I, as you can tell from the title, have mixed feelings.

First, a little about Miss Adichie. So, Chimamanda was born in Nigeria, hence “author from Africa” and the setting of this novel. You may know her from her TedTalk about feminism or from her speech given in the Beyonce’ song “Flawless” which was taken images-2from the aforementioned TedTalk.  The TedTalk is titled “We Should All Be Feminists” and that is also the name of one of her other books, which I would like to read. There isn’t much on her website, so I am going to assume she is traveling, enlightening the world on feminism and possibly writing a new book?

americanahSo, now to the book. Americanah follows Ifemelu as prepares to move back to Nigeria from the east coast and her adventures there and abroad.   The story starts in the present of her preparing for the rip, getting her hair done, and then flashes backwards to her childhood in Nigeria, and then ends with her in back in the present, this time with her in Nigeria. This description does not do it justice, but just so you get the gist of it all.  Item, which is her nickname, reflects on her loves and loses throughout the story and has a blog that she titled ” Raceteenth or Various Observations About American Blacks (Those Formerly Known As Negroes) by a Non- American Black”  The title is long, but the blog entries, I thought were extremely thought provoking. I have read some reviews that people hated it, but the blog posts were probably my favorite part.  I am an American Black, as her blog puts it, and I found it interesting to read the differences between being African American versus being and African in America. Continue reading