Afterlife Atheneum 📚💀🏛



     So,this is a little morbid, but I was talking with a friend and they said that if I died, they would hire someone to write a bestselling fiction book based on my life and have it published. I told them that I would rather just have a library named after me. I feel like with enough money you can just buy one. The library near my house is just named after the street and the downtown library in my city is just called the “X City Public Library”. The names can use some sprucing up. 

I feel like this is a more feasible dying wish and a lot less effort, as bad as that sounds. I would like to state that I am healthy, aside from my emotional eating ( which everyone does, right?), my addiction to French fries, Mac and cheese, and my love of butter and all things greasy. Lol. So, this library will be a long time coming. Good idea, or a pipe dream? Let me know!!