Feeling Guilty📚😔


So, this is my “dilemma,” let me know if you have this feeling too. So, I have a ton of books and yet I keep buying more. Lol, that’s not the dilemma. The dilemma is that then I look at my bookshelves, at all the books that I own and haven’t read, and feel guilty. How do you guys deal with it? I’ve read articles of cleaning out your bookshelves and that is just pure nonsense to me. Lol. I’m not getting rid of my books!

How do you handle this situation? Do you pace yourselves so that you read one new book, then one book you already own? Do you do a reading challenge and power through them all? Or do you just leave it and hope you’ll get to them someday? I feel guilty that those books are so lonely and longing to be read. Help me out! What do you do?

And as always, “Get up, go out into the world, and do awesome shit.”