Antisocial Bookworm



So… This is me (minus the grammatical errors). I posted this because I was invited to a large outing for a co worker and I adore all of them, I really do, but I honestly am going to stay in read. However, if you know any my friends that are going out, my excuse is that I am “sick.” Lol. I have had a very long day, and have been in a funky mood lately, and all I want to do be alone and read and ponder my life.  That sounded so dramatic, but that’s where I’m at right now. Lol. So, literally this picture is my life tonight. I could be social, but I would rather (and am going to) read instead. Haha.

Am I the only antisocial bookworm out there? Please, tell me I’m not alone. Haha. Have you passed on parties or gatherings in lieu of reading? Let me know!

And as always “Get up, go out into the world (or stay in reading, LOL), and do awesome shit.”