yes no maybeNow that you’ve clicked ALL of the buttons on this site (there were only 3, but you still clicked them all), let me know what you think! Or not. Or just marinate on it and check back and we can go from there. It’s up to you. No pressure. If you hate my poor grammar, or over use of parenthesis(es?), if you like my random pictures, if you want to get to know me in a non stalking, fellow book loving person in the world or have tons of thoughts and feelings to share, let me know! I am always up for book suggestions, but not just novels, comics as well as recipes (I do have a peanut allergy, FYI), movies, tv shows, off-off Broadway shows, the works! If you have anything semi intelligible and interesting to say, I’d like to hear it! Somewhere on this page there are links to my Pinterest (don’t be overwhelmed by my multitude of boards), and Twitter, (I don’t know how and don’t quite understand the twittery tweets, but you may be the one to help me figure it out!) so use them!
Anywho, thanks for the input that I know will gleefully submit! Oh! AND I have this schnazzy form to fill out if you are so inclined to fill it out. Boom! Right below! You’re welcome! 🙂

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