Here’s some information about me, because, who wouldn’t want to know about me, right?! So,the basics: My name is Hollie and I am 28 going on 17, as I approach 30 my inner geek/nerd flag is flying higher and higher to a non self containable height and so here’s a blog to chronicle that journey via various forms of literature. In addition to my “Murder, She Wrote”/ Jessica Fletcher obsession, I feel  like Aisha Tyler is the Super Sayan version of myself, thJessica Fletcher at Typewriterat I may oAisha Tyler at radio stationne day achieve. I am also obsessed with Pinterest, Netflix, cooking, eating, obviously reading and dream of the day Comic Con will become a reality and not a highlight reel via various websites. I’m kinda spunky, kinda goofy and kinda sarcastic and an all around dork. This blog is mainly about books and comics, but may inadvertently entail my ramblings and pictures of my food (yeah, I’m that chick). I don’t know how the stranger danger thing applies to the interwebs, so I guess I won’t say where I live or work or go to school and all that (hence the FaceQ generated avatar, and I just don’t like taking pictures), but I’m sure if you were bored enough you could find me via various social media sites where we all share way too much about ourselves. That’s about it. I’m just a girl in that “Adulthood Starts at 30” Generation, with a love of comics, books, Broadway and movies and a deep longing for the 90’s and its boy bands. A much simpler times where there wasn’t a Justin Bieber and Fresh Prince of Bell Air was live in front of a studio audience and not just daily re runs on TBS.

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