“Busy” 🍪📚🛋☕️


Soooo…. This is me, just add a book with the Oreos. Lol. My friend had this on Facebook and it was perfect! This is EXACTLY what I’m doing when I say I’m busy. That or watching anime or Netflix. Lol. 
What does your “busy” look like? Do you have tea, sweets, coffee, etc. ? Let me know!!


One thought on ““Busy” 🍪📚🛋☕️

  1. My “busy” is me hunched over my PC, either 1) staring like a zombie at some dumb game I’ve played too often…or the occasional old ROM which is usually more active than I need at a time I should be working or relaxing. or 2) typing/crafting madly with no time or attention to blinking, breathing and eating until my eyes go dry, my throat parches or my stomach wails. It’s been a long time since I could sit in front of a TV and turn away a phone call from anyone. I don’t get enough phone calls to turn one down for the impulse to be lazy.

    I do keep snacks handy/within reach, though. My go-to snacks are Cheezits, peanut MnMs, mini Hershey bars and some form of gummy candy to exercise the gums/teeth. A bottle of tap water is a constant essential, too.


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