Happy New Year!! Going Forward and Looking Back


So, I kinda really dropped off the face of the Earth, in the home stretch of 2015, sorry about that. But THIS year, I’m gonna get my sh*t together, at least in terms of this blog. I have made a schedule and networked with other bloggers (do a few emails and blog comments  count as “networking”? It just sounds so much more fancy than emailing. Haha.). Anywho, I am getting things in track (again) and have some formatting changes (again) and just thanks for hanging in there with me!

So, update on my life and books and such! I’m down to 1 full time, instead of 2 part time jobs (Yay!) and still an year left until my double Bachelor’s (so close, yet so far) and still a pile of books to read! Haha.  For the year, I read 20 1/2 out of my own goal of 30, and  I only missed 5 1/2 challenges out of 24 for the #ReadHarder Challenge. I say 1/2 because I finished a book this week, but started it in 2015, and that was the LGBTQ challenge. 

So, not bad for my first reading challenge!! I feel as though I may have been over zealous with my goal as I didn’t quite factor in school work, but no a bad attempt.  Even though that challenge is over, I’m going to continue to read books to fulfill the challenge, as I have discovered some really cool books and authors and that’s what it’s all about, right?  I’ll upload my spreadsheet (literally the ONLY spreadsheet I’ve ever made in my life EVER) of the challenges and the books I read to fulfill them, as well as reviews for those books later. 

Christmas was awesome! I got the best gift ever….BOOKS! But not just any books, I got a book that got a friend into reading and I totally wanted to cry after I received it (cuz I’m a dork and I’m a sucker for books with a personal backstory), and I also got comic book art for the walls, I never decorate, but they are still so rad and will go up one day. Haha. The book club I’m in has yet to have their gist exchange, so I’ll let you know what bookish goodies I get from there. 

How did your reading challenges go? Aced them? Failed? Still finishing them after the fact (like me)? Also, what did you get for Christmas/Hanukkah/Festivus/Kwanzaa (do people actually celebrate Kwanzaa, like seriously? Do they? Is this a real thing?)? Any good books or book themed gifts (given or received)? Let me know! 

And as always, “Get up, go out into the world, and do awesome shit.” 

P.S. Should I get a new ending signature quote for the new year? I really like that one, let me know your thoughts on that too! Haha. 


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