Book Boyfriends/Literary Lovers



OMG guys, it’s been for-ev- ver ( in my Sandlot voice)! I have been diligently reading and and I have a few reviews too, so stay tuned! I do had the latest Toni Morrison book to review, but I did wanna wait a bit longer until more people have had the chance to read it. I got and read it the same week it came out, but I know some libraries still have lengthy wait lists and I don’t wanna ruin or spoil it for anyone. Other then that, I have a few other reviews that will post shortly.

Anywho, the picture! I cannot truly say I have had a multiple book based bfs, but I can still relate. I try, for my mental health, to think of the end of the book as the end of our “relationship”, however I do find that I take qualities of them and seek them out in guys that I date. There is no Mr. Darcy, living in my area ( if there is, though tell him I’m single!), but I do know a stoic guy with a kind heart and an inability to express emotions until time forces him to. Haha. Or I don’t have an Augustus Waters (well no one does, cuz freaking John Green tore my heart out and killed him!), but you know what I mean. But I can try and find a guy who has morals, with a smile that lights up the “literal heart of Jesus”, and a heart over flowing with love, that make can make me feel magical.  See what I mean? 

So, what literary lover, is or are your favorites? I’m a Darcy, Gus Waters, Gale, Choal, Four type girl. Haha. Let me know! And as always “Get up, go out into the world, and do awesome shit.


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