Weekend Reading πŸ“š



My finals as over and I have so much recreational reading to catch up on!! This weekend I plan on finishing The Rook by Daniel O’Malley. Think 007 mixed with X-Men with a sense of mystery and a narrator that has amnesia, but left letters for herself to try and remember. Also, Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. It was pitched to me as a modern version of Rear Window, with a woman watching this couple from the train on her daily commute and observes something that snowballs into other events. And lastly, Crown of Midnight by Sara J Maas. This is the second book in her Throne of Glass series, which follows Celeana Sardothian, a skilled assassin, as she fights for a king she hates, avoids death herself, makes allies, and tries to uncover a mystery as well as the king’s ulterior motive for her services. 

So, that’s what I’m doing this weekend. What are your weekend reads? Let me know!!! And as always ” “Get up, go out into the world, and do awesome shit.” And thanks for reading! 😊


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