What is this Feeling Called?



Can you relate? Is there a word for this feeling? What’s the last book you read where you see there’s only about 75 pages left and you start to panic, because you HAVE to know what happens, but you don’t want it to end?

Leave your book and any other comments in the section below!!! And as always, “Get up, go out into the world, and do awesome shit.”


3 thoughts on “What is this Feeling Called?

  1. deliseluvsred04

    So far this year it would be Plague of Doves by Louise Erdrich. Don’t have a word for it, but I understand. As I got closer to end I wished there was more to read, even a second part 🙂

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    • I’ve never heard of that book. What’s it about? And yeah, I feel like there should be a word for that besides dread. Haha. Especially when you’re almost done and are like ” There’s no way they can wrap up all these loose ends in 50 pages!!! Ugh!” Book girl problems. Lol.

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      • deliseluvsred04

        Yes!!! Well the book is about a family being killed years ago on a reservation. The author tells the story from several different characters. Very interesting how she does it. I hate when the book ends abruptly, lol. All I usually do is read another book to take my mind off of it. 🙂

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