Inconceivable! The Movie is as Good as the Book!


So, I am back!! Helllloooo! There will be a (Mc)flurry of reviews being posted coming at ya’ and I will try to time and space them apart, so you are not just inundated with me and my words, and whatnot, but yeah, more to come!

inconceivable gif

As you can see from the above picture, the book I read was The Princess Bride by William Goldman! Let me explain. You guys are all WELL aware (I’ve only said it like a million times),that I am doing the Book Riot #ReadHarder challenge and one of the challenges is to read a romance novel, and I am not that girl. Maybe, due to my age, all I have been brainwashed about romance novels is the Nora Roberts books at the supermarket checkout. You know, the ones with the toned, tanned, bare chested gentleman, standing behind a forlorn, scantily clad maiden, with some sort of mountainous scenery in the background. Again, I could be completely dated, but that’s all I know and I just have no interest in them. Let me know if there are some legit updated ones to read!  Any who, I decided to pick my favorite romantic movie and work my way from there, and BAM! I decided to read The Princess Bride.

The Princess Bride book coverFor those of you who are wondering, the movie does go along with the book and it’s awesome! I love this book, and movie, because it, like me, does not take itself too seriously.  It is a romance novel full of humor, wit, sarcasm, adventures, sword fights, etc. Even though it’s tagline portrays the novel as a ” classic tale of true love and high adventure”it doesn’t take itself so seriously or dramatically.  The laugh out loud moments in the movie are the same in the book,if not a few more.  There are a few things that you should know, though.

First off, There is no S. Morgentstern. What?! Yes, you heard me. The book says (on the cover) that it’s an adaptation of a novel by S. Morgentstern, and this is not a thing. I googled it. There is no origin novel that this is based on.  With that said, it nonexistence of the origin piece, just adds to the wit and stark of this novel.  There are even excerpts of the fake novel, just to make you wonder, but, again, it’s not a thing.

Secondly, the book develops the characters a little bit more than the movie.  The main character development or personality that was better in the book than the movie (I know, that’s such a book nerd thing to say, but whatevs), is Buttercup. I like and don;t like Buttercup. Okay, so I am a comic book girl and I am a “No One Likes a Damsel in Distress” type girl, in a nonaggressive, totally approachable type of way. I just like that a girl save herself some (most) of the time. Any who, in the book Buttercup, is a snarky lady with lots of attitude.  She is still dramatic in the “I will never love again” and “I died the day Westley left” sense, but her conversations with Prince Humperdinck, are full of passive aggressiveness and sass and I LOVE it! This made me like her more. The other character, is everyone’s favorite, Fezzik.  In the book, Fezzik, is still the gentle giant, but there is a lot more rhyming on his part. He has more depth in that he has this struggle internally and with Vizzini to prove that he is smart and is more than pure muscle.  It’s so endearing, and you are mentally telling Fezzik that he is so smart, and not to listen to Vizzini.

Thirdly, there is a scene in the book, not in the movie, that I think is really cool.  Instead of having the Pit of Despair in a hidden tree (in the movie), the book has it in the basement/5th level of Prince Humperdinck’s Zoo of Death. Fourthly (?), Prince Humperdinck, was not so much a weak punk as he was in the book, he was actually a skilled fighter, who was just under family pressure. Classic misunderstanding, Haha. Anyways, he has a Zoo of Death where each level has different theme one is like quick things, like cheetahs; the next level is massive things, with hippos and alligators, then there is like poisonous things, and then winged/ swarms of things.  The last level was empty, because he couldn’t find anything that people feared more than the previous levels, until the Count makes the machine that takes life.  In the book Inigo and Fezzik,must travel through all the levels, in order to save Westley and I feel like the this would have been such a cool scene to see on film, it still has the albino, so it’s a win win, if they were to film it.

So, that’s it.If you like the movie, or romance novels, humor, Jewish people (Miracle Max and his wife, Valerie, and the narrator, were all said to be Jewish), wit, sarcasm, action,sword fights, revenge, the over use of the word “inconceivable,” adventure, true love, rhyming, imaging Cary Elwes sweeping you away, or just a fun story, this book is for you!

I freaking love that guy! Lol. Oh, and I will leave you with one of my favorite lines from the book, “Love is the best thing in the world; except cough drops.” Stay awesome, guys!

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