The Fault In My Heart


PictureSo, I am taking your guys’ suggestion seriously (as serious as I can get, anyway) and I am going to write a review type doohickey on a book I read last year. I read about 20 non school assigned books last year and attempted 2 book clubs. This may not seem like a lot, but with school and work, I was quite proud of myself. In the first book club that I could just never attend, other than the first meeting, we read The Fault In Our Stars by John Green (and yes, it was before the movie and even before the movie version of the book cover!). So, before I tell you about this wildly popular book turned movie, you need to know a couple of things about me.

First, I haven’t ever really written a book review, so I picked something easy to get my proverbial feet wet. Second, I get emotionally attached to fictional characters easily. Seriously. It’s an affliction I have yet to grow out of. Case in point, when I was a teenager I read the Twilight books, like teenage girls did (again, I read this before the movies and before they changed the book covers). Random side note, I hate the movie adaptation 2015-01-15 17.23.44book covers! I much rather prefer my red apple on the cover of my copy of Twilight than Robert Pattinson’s bulbous noggin and Kristen Stewart’s dead eyes and perpetually quivering lip on my cover. I digress, so Twilight series. In New Moon, Edward leaves Bella and in the book, to express her feeling of nothingness the pages literally say “January” “February”, etc for like 3 or 4 months. When I was reading this I audibly and physically cried as if Edward had walked out of my life and I was never going to see him again, like he broke up with me in real life. My mother came into my room to see what was wrong and all I could say between sobs was “Edward,:sniffle:: Gone ::sobbing:: Forever”. My mother thought I was delusional and told me to put the book down& go to bed as I was up at 3 a.m. crying over a fictional vampire boyfriend that I wasn’t dating, somehow leaving me.

With that said, now you know who you’re dealing with.


So, The Fault In Our Stars was such a good book. If you don’t like crying or a massive case of the feels stay away! I am not normally a romance type of girl, but Augustus Waters is this brooding charming character that make you want to date him. My heart melted every time he said “Hazel Grace.” He’s one of those characters/fictional boyfriends that make you look at your significant other and wonder why they can’t be as thoughtful and amazing as this cancerous one-legged work of fiction with the boyish smile and the metaphorically unlit cigarette. Hazel is such a witty sarcastic character that every girl can see a little bit of themselves in. The snark, the independence, the introverted book-worm who falls fast and loves hard, but is guarded in the beginning until she knows he’s worth it. FYI, I totally Googled and Amazoned Imperial Affliction, the book she reads in the book (yeah, my nerdom runs that deep) and it does not exist. Boo! Any who, who even thinks of oblivion, when asked what they fear ? I would have said snakes, but no, Hazel gets all philosophical and says oblivion. Their romance is inevitable but is drawn out due to the understandable apprehension to fall in love as she is a “grenade” and death is her unavoidable fate one day, hence her constant need of Phillip( her oxygen tank). I honestly, did not think Gus was going to die and that whole scene tore my heart out. The whole thing when he calls her from the gas station, ugh, I can’t even say it. You know what I’m talking about. Take my heart, cuz I can’t bear it to beat any longer if he dies. And he did and again I was bawling. There I was 27, and crying my eyes out and my boyfriend walks in, looks at me, sees the book, takes a deep breath and says “Everything okay?” The word “okay” triggers more emotions and I cry harder and I finally say ” I don’t think he’s gonna make it. It looks infected.” He, patiently, shakes his head, gives me a hug says “It’ll be alright ” and goes back to the office to finish his game of W.o.W. He knows I am beyond help. Oddly enough, the funeral part where Gus has Hazel and Isaac read their eulogies did not affect me as much in print as it did when I watched the movie, which I totally unabashedly cried at.

If you are looking for a love story with wit and charm and some snark and don’t mind crying as you discover your infinity that may be smaller or bigger than others then definitely read this novel. I loved it. And who knows, maybe one day what I’m on my rag with a nice bottle of wine and need a good cry and can’t find my Steel Magnolias DVD, I may go back and re read it. Your thoughts? Have you read it? Did you like it? What were your favorite parts? Let me know !

P.S. Sorry so long! I’ll cut it down next time. 🙂

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