FaceQ of MeWelcome to my blog ! You may have stumbled here by accident due to a few choice words put into the Googles or you may be here intentionally because you are my friend and I told you to check this out, either way, thanks for stopping by! This is my first go at something like this, so bare with me as I figure out the wibbly wobbly timey wimey thing that is blogging and the interwebs.( yes, that was a Doctor Who reference, and you’re welcome). This blog will mainly be about books! Yay! ::insert ham horn and thunderous applause here:: As I get older my nerdom has gotten stronger and I am coming to grips with it. I am not ashamed of my fandoms and crushes on literary characters nor my comic book collection, but all of this has crept up on me. I was in nerd denial for a long time. I wouldn’t say I was a nerd in high school, but I wasn’t popular either, I was just me. I was into sports more than anything and although I took AP classes, I somehow didn’t see or notice my bookworm-ish tendencies or think of myself as a geek.  About 2 years ago I moved to another city and while packing I realized that I owned more books than clothes and shoes. I had no idea I had accumulated so many nor did I realize that I read so much. Then I went back to college after a 6ish year break ( long story of being young and stupid, by knowing the difference between a job and a career. Hmm, not that long of a story after all) and it all came back, just like the Celine Dion song said it would. So, I have come to terms and I freely unabashedly admit it: My name is Hollie and I am a nerd , a  bookworm, a geek, whatever you want to call it; I am not the Laura or the Kelly Kapowski or the Penny of this life, I am the Urkel and the Screech and the Sara Farrah Fowler and I’m okay with that. It feels good to get that off my chest.

This blog is called “Reviews, She Wrote” (or it can also be called “The Blog Formerly Known As Jessica Fletcher Is My Spirit Animal, but that was too lengthy and that was before I found the magic, customization, and 5 hours of Lynda.com videos on WordPress.) Both blog names were chosen in honor and reference to one of my all time favorite TV shows/ characters “Murder, She Wrote”. This is the new and improved blog with cool colors and a cute avatar of me and clicky widgets things along the side and everything! Here is to second chances, which never happens on the internet! So, sit back, relax, enjoy my rants, ramblings, nonsensical nerdy stream of consciousness, some laughs and maybe even a book review or two (laughs not guaranteed and there will definitely be more than 2 book reviews). Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to subscribe! (How, you ask? I dunno, but I think I added a button somewhere. Or maybe I didn’t and its just like a door that leads to nowhere. Either, way it’ll be an adventure for us both!)

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